VC Beverley 2012 AGM minutes

VC Beverley 2012 AGM – minutes


1. Club officials

Rob Brown, Martin Smart and Paul Waddington to remain as club secretary, treasurer and chairman respectively

New ‘posts’ in the club include:

  • TT supremo – Chris Holland agreed to champion time trialling within VC Beverley, alerting us to upcoming events, badgering people to do more TTs and possibly getting involved with our own hillclimb event (see upcoming events)
  • Kitmeister – Lee Beddows agreed to take charge of the Impsport relationship and be custodian of the online store password. Lee is also going to look into getting decent VC Beverley-branded casquettes made to be given free to each club member (see AOB)
  • Sportive co-ordinator – David Connell was press-ganged into being the person who looks out potential sportives worthy of the club’s attendance (and hopefully writing up his excellent reports of gruelling hardship afterwards too).
  • Race committee – the following club members agreed to help Rob co-ordinate our summer road race and also help out on the EYRRL event for which we are responsible:  Chris Holland, Lee Beddows, Rich Cutsforth and Paul Cook
  • Cross person – Paul Waddington agreed to champion cyclocross within VC Beverley, alerting about upcoming events, badgering people to do it and also helping with our own embryonic CX event.


2. Upcoming events

VC Beverley reliability ride – 5th Feb?

Rob Brown to be in charge of Belgium – researching a potential club road trip to a big event like the Ghent 6 or a major ‘cross race

112k charity team time trial – Paul Waddington to present a fun-packed camping-based option for this high-speed scenic charity ride on 5th May

Club hillclimb – Trundlegate was suggested as the venue for an end-of-season hillclimb TT. Chris Holland to investigate.

VC Beverley summer road race: Rob Brown to confirm the date

Cyclocross event – Paul W and Martin Smart to investigate running a one-off local race in the 2012 season

3. AOB

Spending club funds. We agreed two principles – 1) that if the club has excess cash we should use it and 2) we should spend it on things that promote the club overall. We therefore agreed to subsidise anyone who enters the East Yorkshire Road Race League or the Big G sportive in VC Beverley colours to the tune of £10. If possible we will also use club funds to buy everyone a branded casquette that makes us look even more PRO than usual.

Thursday ride upgrade. From mid Feb – let’s say the 16th – onwards, we agreed to run this as a more organised chaingang, on reasonably flat wide A-roads (at least during dark nights), riding ‘bit and bit’ (single-line through-and-off) for around 25 miles or so. This will allow slower riders to do short turns, or just sit in, but still get a good workout and hopefully not get dropped, while faster riders can batter it on the front as they wish.

Club run discipline reminder. When someone shouts ‘car up’ or ‘car back’ and we need to ‘single up’, jolly well single up. Here endeth the lesson.

‘New to road racing’ section on the website. Paul W to write up a quick guide and get some links together for race newbies.

New award. ‘Best turned out rider’ award launched and to be awarded at the 2013 AGM. If you need to know the criteria, you’re clearly not cool enough.

Facebook and Twitter. We agreed that we couldn’t be bothered with a Facebook page but that a VC Beverley Twitter account would be good. Paul W to set up and call for potential tweeters.