News round up including rainy EYRRL pix

Been a while since our news page has been updated but that doesn’t mean nowt has been happening…

Since the last story back in April we’ve had:

  • More record-breaking club run turnouts, with 22+ turning up
  • Some excellent road race results, which have resulted in…
  • Two more newly minted 3rd cat club members – congrats to Paul Drop and Ben Bell, riding for Wilsons
  • Some points in the Road Race League – for Matt Beaumont, Paul W and Paul Drop

Details of most of this stuff is knocking around on our forum, for any non-club member reading this.

And in the meantime, here are some pix from last weeks East Yorks Road Race League round at Etton, which was held in truly atrocious conditions but was, remarkably, quite enjoyable nonetheless. Pix courtesy of club member Nigel Laws who turned out in the pouring rain to snap pix, cheer us on and rescue punctured riders.