New Secretary and Treasurer for 2014

Last weeks AGM saw the election of a new secretary to replace Rob Brown who has stepped down from the role after a long stint doing sterling work in the position, his replacement is the equally capable Gary Trees a longstanding member of the club and no slouch on a bike either.

A new treasurer volunteered to replace Martin Smart who again has served the role well for a number of years, so Gary Knowles will turn his accounting skills to good use looking after the books when he is not bashing out the miles on his bike.

Our traditional awards were handed out according to results of a members vote for the following;

Ken Stapley Memorial ‘Club rider of the year’ is Paul Shepherd, our hope for VCB glory in all races this season.

Most improved rider went to Rich Vickers, considering he has started from a good position all that improvement must have took some hard graft. Lets see how he juggles being a new dad with all that training.

In order to help share some of the work that goes into running the club some new roles have been created, so we now have the following people helping out with specific duties,

Ian Ridsdale – Road race

Rob Brown – Club kit

Martin Smart & Rich Cutsforth – CX race

Mark Harney – Club trips

Martin Parker  – Annual Boggle Hole jolly boys outing

Dave Connell – Reliability ride

I hope everybody enjoys their new roles and that they will receive plenty of help and support from the rest of the members.

Final note 2014 subscriptions are due and are £14 please contact Gary Knowles as soon as his details appear in the contacts section.