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Introducing the ‘Goodmanham Grovel’

Back in the day (2008) we had the popular but flawed ‘Gardham Grind’ (see waay below for route and PBs). We’ve now replaced it with the ‘Goodmanham Grovel’.

It’s a mostly left-turns route on quiet roads, starting just near Bishop Burton. At a smidge over 32k (19.9 miles), if you crack the hour, you’re pretty much doing ‘evens’, (20mph) which is a nice benchmark. And with 295m of climbing it’s definitely a ‘hilly’ route in TT-speak. Its blend of long straights with lengthy but gentle-gradient climbs should give everyone an equal crack. Be mindful of the wind: the ‘out’ — and much of the climbing — is into the prevailing wind; whilst the ‘back’ is flat and often wind-assisted.

The route and profile are here, complete with a bit of commentary. Hit the timer as soon as you start out toward Cherry Burton from the north side of the A1079, and stop it again at the same point (by the ‘Give Way’ sign) on the return.

Post your time on the forum and it’ll get added to the table. You may wish to include comments and excuses e.g. ‘There was a howling westerly gale’ or ‘I got held up by Dave Shackleton’.

The bar has now been set very high indeed by Shack, who has knocked Pete F-S off the top spot for all-time quickest times.

p.s. Entry to the Grovel is not restricted to VC Beverley members – we’ll post any honest-looking time.

p.p.s. Disclaimer: this is not a time trial or a race. While VC Beverley is affiliated to CTT so you can do formal time trials as a club member, this is nothing more than a training route. Participation is at your own risk.

p.p.p.s. Thanks are due to 2009 Club Rider of the Year Klaus, who introduced this route.

p.p.p.p.s. A whole new level of lunacy or self inflicted torture has been set by our very own long distance mile muncher who goes under the Strava name of 2442041357, he claimed the circuit was too short to bother getting the bike out for! I then challenged him to do it 10 times to make it worth getting the bike out, never thinking he would take me up on my challenge!

His time was an arse shattering 12:27:39 with an ave speed of 16mph and a total distance of 199.5 miles. More details hereĀ

Chapeau to you Nigel.


(Link to Strava Segment)

2013 Solo
Stephen Robinson0:59:4623rd AugustGusty on the way out but too sheltered in the valley on the way back to get much benefit from the backwind. The last mile is a killer, especially as it goes past my house...Note from Chairman, good effort for Steve's 1st attempt, need to sort out that jersey though!
2012 (solo)
Dave Shackleton0:49:2827th June 2012"Seemed a good night for it really a bit of a breeze""Got a pretty clear run and even some support" (The Tuesday ride spotted Shack on the return leg, looking well on the rivet - ed.)
Karl Downes0:51:3525th June 2012Good conditions with little wind"Better than last year, deep sections may have given the extra i was missing"
Martin Parker0:55:0013th JuneDry but cold with a light north-westerly"I got up at 05:30 to fit it in before work - I'll leave it until evening next time for some more speed..."
2012 (2-up)
Paul Drop and Paul Rymer0:50:5020th March 2012N/A"Not too bad for march reckon we can get under 50 mins"
Pete Fielding-Smith0:51:2227th June 2011Warm"21.5mph avg out, 23.1 overall. Stung by a wasp."
Karl Downes0:51:5210th August (approx)NW wind"Got held up by a trailer of bales"
Paul Rymer0:52:0220th June 2011N/A"Not bad considering we did 75 miles yesterday." Stats
Paul Drop0:53:381st September 2011Much winder than last time"would like to get under 53mins by end of september"
Paul Drop0:53:4825th August 2011Good"Finally managed to get it under 54."
Paul Waddington0:54:362nd September 2011Brisk WSW wind10 secs off my 2010 PB. Gutted. Where do I start with the excuses? Windy, bit fat after 2 weeks hol, possibly not optimised riding position on new frame, yadda yadda
Paul Drop0:54:5111th May 2011Headwind all the way from Holme on the Wolds to Goodmanham "i can shave some time off but still pretty pleased with my time."
Chris Holland0:52:202nd June 2010Perfect conditions No aerobars this time, just honest pedal bashing
Paul Waddington0:54:268th June 2010Grim. Cool, gloomy, very wet roads, 10 mph easterly Could maybe have knocked it under 54 if it hadn't been for those meddling two-abreast horses on the drop to Goodmanham Dale. Also had to dodge pesky runners.
Klaus Ersfeld0:55:3231st May 2010Very good conditions Burning legs!
Pete Fielding-Smith0:53:2222nd Sep 2009Good, stiffish westerly "The man's a machine!" Steve Cooper (and everyone else!)
Chris Holland0:53:2326th Sep 2009Too knackered to comment We live to fight another day, anyone else trying to chase Pete down? (I reckon his time is safe this year... PW)
Steve Cooper 0:54:2212th Sep 2009Near perfect conditions Full on race pace
Gary Trees0:55:2619th Sep 2009Lovely day, headwind going up the hill I will be having another crack at it before the bad weather kicks in!
Paul W 0:57:186th April 2009Stiff ESE breeze, cool, greyHard work, particularly trying to cultivate an 'aero' posture into the wind on the way back. Leaving off the long-sleeved jersey might have gained me another second or two...
Ben0:59:5010th March 2009Strong NW wind It was a steady 1st half but the 2nd half more then made up for it!... a true 100% effort, i was f**ked by the end.
Sam Dyason 0:59:596th March 2009Calm and warm - lovely Had to dig deep up the final climb to get it under the hour!
Two-up (2009)
Paul W and Ewen0:54:0610th Sep 2009Lovely. 10mph NNE wind The fact that two of us took only 22 seconds out of Chris's first time just goes to show quite how storming his time was!

The Gardham Grind leaderboard 2008

The Grind is a fine 30k/18.7 mile circuit that starts and finishes on the York road just past North Bar. It takes in 285 metres of ascent, including 6k of continuous climbing if you do it anti-clockwise, so it’s a good workout for a 1 hour-ish ride. Route details are here. However please note that its A-road crossings make it less than ideal for a balls-out effort, so it’s been supplemented by the Grovel (see above). It’s still a good short training circuit though.

Here’s the leaderboard from 2008. Anyone beating Steve Cooper’s record, please get in touch!

NameTime (hr:min:sec) DateDirectionWeatherComments/excuses
Steve C0:50:495th June AntiModerate ESE wind "Full speed ahead and ballsout. I will get it under 50. Viva la VCB!"
Mark O  0:51:08 20th April AntiWet and blustery  "Superb for road race preparation"
Paul C0:52:3431st May AntiN/A"Catching Johan!"
David P 0:53:20 31st April AntiWet and showery, easterly wind "Feel the need to add that this was done on my time trial bike "
Paul W0:53:414th June AntiLight westerly "Perfect conditions, no delays. It'll be tough to improve on this one."
Sam D 0:54:0519th May AntiModerate, cool breeze from NE "That's it-I've reached my genetic fitness ceiling"
Brendan0:55:204th June AntiLight easterly breeze, average wind speed 3.0 m/s, temperature 19.5 degrees Celsius, 1019mb of pressure, 44% humidity, no precipitation"Weather conditions very good "
Lee0:55:4720th May Anti N/A"Got a stitch at 13.3 miles but that wasn't going to stop me "
Ben0:55:5026th May Anti Strong easterly "Struggled with the big easterly wind in my face on the way back, about 30 seconds of stoppage for cars, really enjoyed the route. "
James W  0:55:50 13th July AntiMedium-strength westerly N/A
Klaus  0:57:22 14th August Antilight south-westerly  "First time try. How can it be that it seems to go mainly uphill on a circular route?"
Darren0:57:2320th Juneantilight westerly"Was planning for an easy ride out after lots of running this week but got to the north bar and thought it was about time I had a go!"
Max1:00:038th June Anti Glorious, 2mph westerly "Small delay caused by 'neolithic' Sunday hat-wearing, show dog-transporting Astra driver who pulled out on the Westwood"
Steve G 1:02:0123rd April Anti N/AN/A
Will Mawson 1:0529th August Anti Fairly strong winds None provided by the rider - but potential VCB member Will is 16 and has only been road riding for 7 months, so excellent effort! - Paul W