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Velo Club Beverley is a properly organised club with formal applications for membership and rules covering riding etiquette.

Our main club activity is the traditional Sunday club run. The aim of which is to put some decent miles in the legs at a conversation/social pace. However some recent enquiries have made us realise we need to be clearer about the ‘minimum entry requirement’ for the club, fitness-wise. As a rough benchmark if you can comfortably complete 45-50 miles in 3 hours you should be comfortable on our club run, which varies from 40-60 miles at around 17mph average speed.

The only real way to see is to turn up to the club run and come out for a ride. There is no need to join the club first. Please note that we don’t have a mid ride café stop so please bring enough to drink and something to eat. And a spare inner tube !

The Tuesday ride is a faster outing, averaging around 20mph over 1-1.5 hours (spring/summer months, after the clocks go forward); and the year-round Thursday ride is race training, as fast as we can manage.

Details of our three weekly rides are here.

Use the documents below to apply for membership and read the club rules.

Membership form 2019 pdf

Membership form 2019 (DOC)

Club rules and regulations